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Daily Grind
By Karen Chiang | August 17th, 2018

We’re at the peak of summer right now and if you’ve been here for a while, you’ll be no strangers to these habits to beat the heat. How many of these do you do on the regular?

1. Walk in and out of shops

Were you really interested in that pair of shoes or were you just getting that free AC?

2. Sip on that bubble tea

Thank god these are at every corner.

3. Carry electric fans around

Doesn’t matter if the mainlanders started it first, the heat is officially too much.

4. Overdose on whitening products and sunscreen

SPF 1000 is not nearly enough.

5. Time for sunproof umbrellas

Who said umbrellas are only for the rain?

6. Put cooling gel strips on the forehead

It is literally the best summer hack for the great outdoors.

7. Stand in front of the open fridge at 7-11 for a little too long

Hmmm……..Which drink should I pick? Nevermind, I’ll get some bubble tea instead.

8. Spend all day in malls and cafes

Clean toilets, all-day AC, drinks to sip on… What else can you ask for?

9. Eat hot pot and chicken pot

Because there’s never a bad time for hot pot.

From our Daily Grind series.