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By Leanne Mirandilla | October 15th, 2018

Otto Ng is the co-founder and design director of architecture firm LAAB. The studio has swiftly made a name for itself for its ingenious implementation of technology in architecture and interior design, thanks in part to Otto Ng’s interdisciplinary approach. LAAB has worked on a variety of projects, including the Kai Tak cruise terminal, a number of spaces at HKU, and a small smart home that appeared on CNN.

A Little Background

Otto Ng was fascinated by technology from a young age, and was designing websites and short animations from the age of 12. He went on to pursue this interest, studying architecture at HKU and MIT, and later working in the US, UK and Italy.

5 Things You Should Know About Smart Home Design, According to Otto Ng

1. Make the technology work for you

Smart homeware can make your life easier with its embedded digital intelligence. To start with, you have to understand your needs, think big, and create a wish-list. For example, do you wish to be able to remotely turn on your air-conditioner just before you arrive home?

2. Keep it simple

Smart home products are often designed with minimalism in mind. They help reduce the amount of cables and remotes. When you are designing your smart home, you should still be cautious of handling power cables.

3. Ask the experts

Some products, such as a smart entertainment system or robot cleaners, are easy to set up. However, if you wish to design your entire home with a very clean integration of the systems and the environment in mind, you should definitely look for a smart home designer to fulfil your wish-list.

4. All in one

A smart control panel (e.g. Crestron system) that can centralize the controls for lighting, window blinds, temperature, humidity, and AV system, resolves the mess of having too many remotes and controls at home. This is the item that most of our clients and friends are keen to have.

5. Smart lifestyle

If you are a health conscious person, a smart balance that is connected to your smart watch or wrist band (e.g. Fitbit) could help you maintain good reports of your body condition.

Looking toward the future?

I’m sure that voice control and even gesture control technologies will become more mature, and hence more popular in the near future. With better artificial intelligence technologies, I’m sure your home will be smart enough to know your plans or even your moods. It will get your home ready for your dinner party or your meditation time, all automatically.

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