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By Gayatri Bhaumik | March 18th, 2020

A recent addition to Hong Kong’s health scene, LifeHub and sister brand LifeClinic are offering a new approach to wellness in the city. Harnessing the power of technology, the company offers a range of futuristic diagnosing procedures and bespoke treatment plans to help prevent and combat ill health. They’ve also brought the IV trend to the city with a range of vitamin-infused concoctions designed to help a range of issues.

We sat down with co-founder Candice Chan to talk all things health.

A little background

Candice is a Canadian-certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and a nutritionist. She started her entrepreneurial journey in healthcare with Younibody,  chain of seven functional medicine-based wellness centers in Hong Kong. Now, she’s the co-founder and Managing Director of LifeHealth Group, which runs LifeHub and LifeClinic.

5 Things You Should Know About Health, According to Candice

1. Health is Holistic

There is not one system that works independently within our bodies. All the health systems work together. For example, the gut works very closely with the brain, and our stress system (adrenals) works closely with our thyroid (metabolism). We cannot ignore one and expect they would fall into places together. It’s very important that we acknowledge this so we’re not just treating the symptoms when they arise. We need to treat the root cause so we can find solutions that stick.

2. There Are Different Ways to Treat Health

When looking at health problems, it’s very important to look at everything holistically. More importantly, we need to look for the root cause of a health problem. That being said, since the body works holistically, any mental trauma can manifest into a physical problem, and vice versa. At LifeHub and LifeClinic, our medical practitioners and nutritionists work as detectives and figure out where things went wrong in the first place,  how it rippled into bigger problems, and how it developed into illnesses or discomfort in our mental and physical health.

3. Detoxing is Good for You

Getting rid of toxins is so good for our bodies. We are all exposed to so many toxins on a daily basis. However, there are many detoxes out there and not all of them are good for our bodies. I am a true believer of science-based detoxes that work with all three phases of detoxifications within our bodies, such as the one we offer at LifeHub. Some fad diets or products on the market that claim to detox your body only work with one phase of detoxification. Some might even do more harm than good for your bodies. I have seen so many people getting their hormones messed up from too many “cleanses.”

4. Learn to use Modern Medicine and Technology

Conventional medicine definitely has its place. We cannot ignore the fact that many people have benefited from medicine. However, we notice that people are getting sicker than ever. Many people are suffering from chronic aging illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and gout, for example. However, we don’t need to just give medicine to mask symptoms.

We can now heal people with the most updated science. We can even biohack ourselves to optimal health! There are body scans we use to look at different imbalances in our bodies. We can then choose the appropriate tests to look into the body’s genetic and biochemical composition. After we understand the body from the inside out, we can then use science-based therapies to health the body from the inside out.

Our favorites include IV nutrient therapy, infrared light therapy, hyperthermia, and frequency-based treatments like bioresonance therapy and chelation. We are shifting the conventional, outdated system for managing diseases to a cutting-edge, integrative approach for preventing diseases from happening and reversing chronic conditions.

 5. Prevention is Key

The secret to optimal health – and aging well! – is definitely to focus on prevention. I’m sure no one wants to merely survive and depend on medication when all they can do is stay in their sickbed. We all dream of a life where we can move well, eat well, and have the ability to socialize and be happy, regardless of our age. There is so much modern technology and science available now on the market that can assist us with health optimization and preventing diseases from happening in the first place.

As a company, we strive to achieve optimal health for everyone. We are dedicated to re-defining healthcare by taking the knowledge we’ve learned from medicine and combining them with technology and newly discovered science to prevent sickness from happening in the first place. We also want to educate people so they don’t ignore their symptoms. Having poor sleep, bad skin, poor digestion and chronic fatigue is not how you should feel. All of us have the ability to feel good!

Looking towards the future?

Lifehub will soon go to China! We’re setting up our first location in Shanghai and will be focusing on detox-related items. In Hong Kong, we will soon be launching our subscription model which includes doctor consults, health coaching, and evidence-based WellCare services!

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