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By Michelle Chan | September 21st, 2023

So, you wanna visit Shenzhen. Trust us when we say there’s no better time to act on your urge than now. With Shenzhen’s latest measures targeting Hong Kong visitors out and about, read on to see for yourself how getting around and spending money in the city has gotten easier than ever before. Whether you’re a first-timer or someone who can navigate the streets of the town blindfolded, this guide is for you.

Getting there

To get to Shenzhen, you either take public transportation or drive your own car. And after you’ve crossed the mainland border, now what?

For those who’ve upgraded to electric cars (good for you!), Shenzhen is gearing up to become a “supercharged” city, and catering to your beloved vehicle is definitely on their roadmap. By the end of 2024, the city will complete an extensive electric vehicle charging network with 450,000 charging stations, 175 supercharging stations and more. Don’t worry about going the extra mile any longer.

Credit: Shell Global

Did you know…

Starting from July 1, 2023, those with a Hong Kong private car driving license can apply to travel to Guangdong via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge without a mainland license plate. The pre-requisites? The car must be registered in the name of an individual, and said individual must be a Hong Kong resident with a valid Home Return Permit. Learn more here.

If you’re venturing into Shenzhen sans private car, make good use of the three free shuttle bus routes courtesy of Shenzhen Bus Group. Once you’re out of Shenzhen Bay Port, head straight to Parking Lot A to find the “Nanshan District Shopping/Cultural Tour Free Shuttle Buses”. The three circular routes take you to popular spots such as Coastal City, Window of the World and Sea World and back to the borders when it’s time to call it a day.

More shuttle services will be available to take visitors from and to commercial zones and sightseeing landmarks free of charge, keep an eye out to make your next trip even more of a breeze.

Not just shopping and eating!

Shenzhen is branching out to the medical and health, skincare, wellness, arts and culture fields in the very near future. The efficient “one-hour living circle” notion and convenient transportation drive Hongkongers to take their daily routines northward. From relatively more affordable dental care services to a more vibrant entertainment scene including bedecked karaoke parlors and cinemas, the range of options just keeps expanding.

You used to need a Chinese identity card to do almost everything around the city — we’re talking checking into hotels, signing up for customer loyalty programs and beyond — but fret not, Shenzhen is asking its business owners to go easy on holders of valid Home Return Permits. Here’s to an even more seamless journey!

Easier payments

Mainland China’s no-cash norms can catch some visitors off guard, not to mention the efforts that go behind installing Alipay and other payment applications into your phone. But with the launch of the “Shenzhen-Hong Kong One Card Tong” smart card, you now have access to both Shenzhen Tong and Hong Kong’s Octopus card in one. Top-up transactions can be performed in two currencies separately, giving you a peace of mind and newfound convenience.

Credit: The Shenzhen Government

Say bye-bye to the many intricacies of managing an e-wallet, and instead, pick up a card and go.

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