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By Joseph Lam | January 4th, 2017

A trip to the barbershop is always nice, but sometimes we’ve just gotta do the grooming ourselves.  Thankfully, there are a few spots ’round town stocking suave men’s supplies. These are Hong Kong’s top pomade shops:

Barber Surgeon Co

Barber Surgeon Co is a Hong Kong-based online men’s grooming store that stocks everything from straight blades to whisky flasks and pocket-saw combs. In the pomade department you can expect to find American brands like Fisticuffs and Admiral as well as Germany’s Schmiere. Prices start from a mere $100 for the likes of Prospectors, while Schmiere goes from $150, and Admirla and Fisiticuffs for $180. Parker straight blades start at $238 and you’ll aso find quirky bottle-opening combs from $198. For anyone wishing to try before they buy, these guys also stock Midwest Vintage in Tin Hau.

Cheung Leung Kee

Pomade shelves at Cheung Leung Kee. Photo: Joseph Lam
Pomade shelves at Cheung Leung Kee. Photo: Joseph Lam

This little spot in Kwun Tong is a pomade paradise for young men with a sense of style. Inside the one-stop pomade shop you’ll find everything a guy could ask for in the grooming department and you’ll be given a beer to sip on while you browse. The store, which began as an online business run through Instagram a little more than a year ago, deals with some of Hong Kong’s most popular barbers, like 59 Tattoo and Barber Shop. It recently expanded into the Kwun Tong spot and offers the likes of ever-popular pomades such as Reuzel, Prospectors, Layrite, ODOUDS and even Australian brand Uppercut is up for grabs. For facial hair, there’s everything from beard oils and balms to Parker razors and shaving soap bowls. There are also some quirky little things like vintage soup mugs and ashtrays as well as branded tees and man candles, too. Here you’ll find the likes of Sauvecito pomade starting at as little as $119 — bargain!
Unit 2, 1Flr Block 2 Camelpaint Buildings, 62 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, 6643-3702.

Midwest Vintage

Midwest Vintage. Photo: Joseph Lam
Midwest Vintage. Photo: Joseph Lam

Midwest Vintage has been around since 1993 when it began as a sister company to its original store in the states. After gaining high demand from the local market it eventually grew into its own retail store in Tin Hau. Aside from the secondhand vintage collection you’ll also find a range of men’s grooming supplies courtesy of Barber Surgeon Co. Here you’ve got the likes of Prospectors pomade going for $128 as well as straight-blades from $238. Midwest are strong believers in rewarding loyalty so for every $100 HKD spent in sore you’ll receive one stamp and after you collect 10 you’ll receive $100 store credit — brilliant!
Shop 58 Gr/Flr Victoria Centre, 15 Watson Road, Tin Hau, 2802-6886.

Fly Short Leave Long

Fly Short Leave Long is the creation of one undergrad student who saw an opening in the local market and has been filling that void ever since February of last year. Although it is relatively new, there are big plans for a full-fledged website and possibly even a store in thhe future. Here you’ll find the likes of Malaysian-branded Japanese-manufactured Gonzo from $140 as well as Amercian Reuzel from $135. For now customers can order through the business’ Facebook page or Instagram.
Whatsapp: 6437-6266; 9634-1197, Wechat: 9634-1197.

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