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By Andrea Lo | August 10th, 2015

Chinese culture is rooted in superstition, so it’s little surprise that there are plenty of ghost stories around town. And none more creepy than that of Nam Koo Terrace.

On the quiet end of trendy Ship Street, you’ll find Nam Koo Terrace. Listed as a Grade I historical building, the “Wan Chai Ghost House” was built in 1918 and owned by a Shanghainese merchant family, who had to leave during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.

The story goes that the mansion was used by the Japanese military to torture people during the occupation. Those who died in the house are said to haunt the place at night, spewing “green fires” in the dark. In 2003, Nam Koo Terrace made headlines when a group of teenagers attempted to break into the house—a girl was said to have been possessed by spirits, and it took four policemen to restrain her.

Dare to see Nam Koo Terrace for yourself? Climb the narrow stairs up to 55 Ship Street in Wan Chai.