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By Michelle Chan | December 29th, 2022

The Hong Kong government just announced a series of relaxed Covid-19 measures, effective today (December 29, 2022). Without further ado, let’s go through what might be the best news to wrap up the year with.

Adios, Vaccine Pass

Two weeks after bidding farewell to the LeaveHomeSafe app, the — dreaded to some — Vaccine Pass becomes another distant memory today. Which means you’re free to enter any venue without stopping and scanning a QR code. A win for us.

No more quarantine orders

Reportedly, the rising number of confirmed cases has made it difficult to define close contacts and enforce quarantine orders. Instead, the government will cancel all quarantine orders (including those that were previously issued) and encourage self-monitoring one’s health conditions.

Gather in groups, but don’t forget your masks

All restrictions on social distancing are lifted — except for mask-wearing. As you enjoy a dinner party with as many fellow guests as you like, don’t forget to keep your mask on.

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