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By Joseph Lam | June 30th, 2017

Asia’s spin-off to the World’s 50 Best Bars released its annual top list recently, and once again Hong Kong proves a top contender for bar capital of the region. In its second year running, Asia’s 50 Best Bars has named eight Hong Kong bars in the best list, taking out the most spots in the top 10.

This year, Quinary overtook Lobster Bar & Grill as the city’s highest placing bar, coming in one place behind last year at seventh place — while Lobster Bar & Grill placed 10th, six places behind the 2016 list. Meanwhile, Central speakeasy Stockton placed eighth.

Both Quinary and Lobster Bar & Grill have been contenders in the world’s 50 best, with Quinary appearing three times from 2013 to 2015 taking 38th place in 2013, and Lobster Bar & Grill appearing twice from 2015 to 2016 with 18th place in 2015.

In the 2016 list, Hong Kong and Singapore tied for bar capital of Asia, both taking nine spots each. However, this year the Lion City came out on top, with 13 bars in the top 50 as well as the coveted no.1 spot going to Manhattan bar.

Second place was awarded to Shanghai’s Speak Low and third place to Tokyo’s High Five, while Bangkok and Tokyo tied for an equal third for cities with the top number of contestants, closely followed by Seoul.

While it’s yet to make the top 50, one of our tropical favorites Honi Honi in Central has been named on the To Watch List.

Hong Kong bars in Asia’s 50 Best 2017:

No. 7 Quinary

No.8 Stockton

No. 10 Lobster Bar & Grill

No.16 The Pontiac

No.24 Zuma

No.26 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana

No.42 The Chinnery

No.48 Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour