The Best Of Hong Kong
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By Adele Wong | November 19th, 2015

Hooking up in Hong Kong is not quite as simple as just Netflix and Chill. If you want to get it on in your tiny apartment, you’re gonna have to get a little creative with a few new moves…

1. The Tighty Uprighty

Upright and uptight — because there’s literally no room in your tiny shoebox flat.

tight car
Via Giphy.com

2. The Reverse Beer Girl. 

Pretty self-explanatory.

beer girl
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3. The Instant Noodle

…a subtle variation of the Pretzel.

yoga pose
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4. Down By the Bay Window 

A good way to make use of that otherwise wasted space…

bay window
Photo: Gekayau [CC BY-SA 3.0]

5. The Shaolin Soccer

Because a little bit of martial arts makes everything sexier.

Shaolin Soccer
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