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By Adele Wong | December 11th, 2015

Not in the mood for turkey or carved ham this Christmas? Try these Hong Kong-style winter treats that will warm you right up in the cold months ahead.

Barbecued hot dogs and chicken wings

An outdoor barbecue is the perfect Hong Kong wintertime activity. Keep warm by hovering over the glowing coal embers while cooking those pitchforked chicken wings and sausages. There are lots of barbecue pits available in the New Territories, as well as around beaches like Shek O and Repulse Bay.

Hong Kong-style barbecue. Photo: chinnian / flickr CC
Hong Kong-style barbecue. Photo: Chinnian / Flickr CC

Snake soup

Said to warm the body, snake soup is a favorite Hong Kong treat come wintertime. The most popular way to ingest the slithery creature is via snake gung, a thickish broth containing chunks of chopped up meat. Get your fair share of serpentine soup at Ser Wong Fun in Central or Shia Wong Hip in Sham Shui Po.

A warming snake soup. Photo: shankar s / flickr CC
A warming snake soup. Photo: Shankar s/Flickr CC

Chestnuts and quail eggs

Streetside vendors with their big charcoal-fired woks start coming out en masse as soon as the mercury drops, and you can’t help but fall for that sweet, sticky aroma of “roasting” chestnuts. Bonus: there are also other specialties like quail and chicken eggs that are sold alongside the treats, if you’re hankering for more than nuts.

Streetside chestnut vendor. Photo: travel way of life / Flickr CC
Streetside chestnut vendor. Photo: travel way of life / Flickr CC

Claypot rice

It doesn’t get more satisfying than digging into a mound of perfectly executed claypot rice topped with meat and veggies, especially when the kernels around the rim come all cooked to a golden crisp. Take your pick of combos at Choi’s Kitchen in Tai Hang or Kwan Kee in Sheung Wan.

Claypot rice makes the day go right. Photo: faungg / Flickr CC
Claypot rice makes the day go right. Photo: Faungg / Flickr CC

Hotpot fishballs and beef slices

Who doesn’t love a bubbling pot of broth in which you can dunk colorful balls and thinly sliced meat until they’re cooked to your liking? Boil up a storm and get creative with your soup base at Megan’s Kitchen in Wan Chai or Him Kee in Causeway Bay.


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