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By Yannie Chan | August 29th, 2015
  • Cafe, Fast Food, Take-out
  • HK Island, Sai Ying Pun
  • Address: G/F, 32 Centre Street, Western
  • Open Hours: Monday-Sunday, Lunch, Dinner
  • Phone: 2548-8687
  • Rating: 4
  • Cuisine: Asian, Cantonese, Chinese, Desserts
  • Ambience: Casual, Traditional

Tong Shui Alert: Yuen Kee Dessert was established over 100 years ago in 1855 and serves traditional Cantonese dessert soups. Yuen Kee is known for its quality — the shop still uses a stone grind to make sweet almond and sesame soup — and its generous portions.

Look & Feel: The wooden bing sutt-style chairs, booths and tables immediately take us back to old Hong Kong. The traditional Cantonese bowls, in which the dessert soups are served, further add to the nostalgic mood.


On the Menu: Yuen Kee Dessert is most well-known for its mulberry mistletoe tea ($27), a Chinese herbal tea said to be able to strengthen kidney functions and promote blood flow. There is also a range of traditional sweet soups, from sweet almond soup ($29) and walnut soup ($29) to red and green bean soup ($29).

Mulberry mistletoe tea with lotus seeds [桑寄生蓮子茶 sohng gei seng leen jee cha]

Service: Probably used to tourists and locals flocking to the venerable restaurant, the staff here is incredibly good-humored and enthusiastic.

Jeng: The mulberry mistletoe tea, despite looking dark and bitter, actually has a very clear taste with a hint of sweetness. If herbal teas are not your thing, we also recommend the smooth and aromatic sweet almond soup.

Sweet almond soup (top left), sweet walnut soup (top right), and mulberry mistletoe tea (bottom)
Sweet almond soup (top left), sweet walnut soup (top right), and mulberry mistletoe tea (bottom)

Not So Jeng: Their egg sponge cake ($7) — another signature dish that they recommend pairing with the mulberry mistletoe tea — is not fluffy at all.

Egg sponge cake
Egg sponge cake

Great for: Lactose-intolerant sweet tooths.

FYI: You can choose to add lotus seeds and eggs to most desserts on the menu.

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