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By Celia Hu | November 13th, 2020
  • Restaurant
  • Central, HK Island, SoHo
  • Address: LG/F, Harilela House, 79 Wyndham Street, Central
  • Website:
  • Open Hours: Monday-Thursday, 6pm-11pm, Thursday-Sunday, 6pm-2am
  • Capacity: 25
  • Open Since : October, 2020
  • Phone: 27270117
  • Rating: 4
  • Cuisine: Izakaya, Japanese, Yakitori
  • Ambience: Casual, Intimate

Sizzle, sizzle: There’s a certain magic that happens when protein hits hot charcoal. Skewers grilled over flames are the embodiment of casual, social, comfort eating, and Japanese yakitori joints are one of our favourites when it comes to meat-on-the-stick deliciousness. One of the newest is Yakitori Torisho, located along the uneven footpath of Pottinger Street bordering Wyndham Street. The menu is packed with every part of a chicken, as well as a selection of kushiyaki (skewers not made of chicken).

Look & Feel: The venue is divided into two sections, with a wraparound counter surrounding the grill and another smaller counter a few steps up from the central kitchen. Every surface is bathed in light-toned wood, giving the restaurant a soothing, onsen-like appeal.

On the Menu: As the name projects, the menu at Yakitori Torisho is primarily focused on the various parts of a chicken. The chicken oyster ($45) is often referred to as the best part of the chicken, and does not disappoint with its well caramelized skin and juicy meat. The liver ($45) is velvety and briny, and perfectly cooked with still some creamy give in the center. The heart ($42) has tiny dots of grated ginger to add some zing to the toothsome, more chewier texture. Our favorite has to be the wing ($45), which is perfectly grilled with a very juicy interior. And the biggest bonus is that the wings come deboned, so we can enjoy every blissful bite with no hinderance.

The tsukune ($45) comes alongside a golden egg yolk dipping sauce, and brims with juicy flavors. Skewers of quail eggs ($32) have runny yolks, which is somewhat of a problem as plenty of the yolk gets left on the plate. The wheat gluten ($40) which perked our interest, is sadly rather anticlimactic with a chewy texture much resembling mochi. The egg roll skewer ($35), however, makes up for it with its slightly gooey texture topped with a mountain of grated radish.

Wash it all down with cold glasses of Asahi Super Dry draft ($68) and green tea ice cream sandwiches dressed in black honey ($58) to end a satisfying meal.

Jeng: Well executed, authentic Japanese grill experience with perfectly cooked skewers. The experience is similar to that of Toritama, but perhaps just a notch down in terms of finesse on execution.

Not So Jeng: The waitlist! We had to book our spot weeks in advance as this newly opened restaurant certainly has a popular following.

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