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By Michelle Chan | February 11th, 2023
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  • Causeway Bay, HK Island

Authentic yakiniku experience with certified Japanese wagyu: Revered Kobe yakiniku household name Yakiniku Ishidaya announces the opening of its second Hong Kong branch, introducing the authentic yakiniku experience and superior ingredients to more Hongkongers’ gourmet routine. The founder’s dedication to quality and excellence carries over to its overseas locations, where staff members receive in-depth training at its Japanese headquarters, and only meat from heifers (female cows that have not borne any offspring) are procured.

Look & feel: Like many restaurants situated on either side of the Victoria Harbour, Yakiniku Ishidaya allows you to admire panoramic harborside views while enjoying an exceptional meal, which is always a perk. Featuring a design inspired by traditional Japanese mobile food stalls, the interior makes use of natural materials such as wood and rattan to create an inviting ambience. Not to mention its soothing resemblance to Yakiniku Ishidaya’s other nine Kansai branches.

Yakiniku Ishidaya

On the menu: Expect the most exquisite taste of beef, thanks to the supervision of founder Kiyonori Ishida. Bearing the rare status of a Kobe Beef Designated & Registered Store as recognized by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association, Yakiniku Ishidaya offers various cuts of impressive qualities, including the highest grade A5 wagyu beef.

Choose the perfect cut for you among striploin (HK$468 per half portion; HK$880 per full portion), short rib (HK$468) and thin sliced yakishabu (HK$234), plus rare wagyu parts such as Chateaubriand (HK$428), top sirloin cap (HK$188) and sirloin butt (HK$188); yakiniku gourmands will not want to miss the premium harami (from HK$148), available at the Causeway Bay branch only.

Yakiniku Ishidaya

Those who drop by for lunch are in for a treat to the palate as well as the wallet: the new Hokkaido Kamikomi Pork and Kimchi Rice in Stone Pot (HK$98), Beef Tongue (Salt) Yakiniku Set (HK$128) and Kobe Beef Striploin Yakiniku Set (HK$538) and beyond are here to cater to your budget and party size.

In true Japanese fashion, a satisfying yakiniku meal is made the more satisfying with sake and shochu imported from Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Okinawa and other locations, alongside tabletop staples such as draught beer, Japanese whiskies from distilleries in Miyagikyo and Yoichi, a variety of classic and signature cocktails, red and white wines and beyond.

Yakiniku Ishidaya

Great for: A filling yakiniku meal with family and friends without holding back.

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