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By Joseph Lam | January 17th, 2017
  • Bar
  • Tsim Sha Tsui

Don Draper’s Den: If there was one place Mad Men‘s Don Draper would stop for a drink in Hong Kong, it’d probably be here. They say there’s a whisky for everyone at Tiffany’s, where there are more than 220 different whiskies from around the world on the menu, including in-house varieties.

Look & Feel: Leather booths, dark wooden tables, vintage paintings, dim lighting and a live band make for an intimate atmosphere.

On the Menu:  This is where Tiffany’s sets itself apart from the rest: Since April last year, Tiffany’s have been maturing their own signature cask whisky in a six-month long process that sees the team marinating wooden casks with different alcohols like port and sherry, before adding whisky to create some very fine finishes. Currently, Tiffany’s offers six signature-cask varieties, including an Irish double barrel finish ($128), Speyside shiraz finish ($138) and a sherry blend ($108) as well as more than 220 different whiskies from all around the world. To pair with your whisky are oysters, chocolate whisky cake and even seasonal whisky-chocolate mooncake. If you’re in the mood, you can also purchase a cigar and head over to the cigar garden.

Whisky and a cigar. Photo: Tiffany’s New York Bar.

Great For: A quiet drink on a weekday, a whisky adventure or even a little swing dancing on a Saturday while the live music plays.

FYI: Tiffany’s wasn’t always a dedicated whisky bar, having been been here as long as the hotel. Over the years, as its whisky collection slowly grew, it only made sense to acquire a few more varieties and develop what was already a great collection.

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