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By Ashley Soo | August 16th, 2022
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  • Sheung Wan

A Celebration Of Traditional Japanese Flavor: Joining the scene in 2019, Sushi Rin is an omakase restaurant that celebrates traditional flavors of Japan with seasonal catches in Sheung Wan. The concept has then expanded with a new store in Tsim Sha Tsui that opened early last year.

Image: Sushi Rin

Look & Feel: The restaurant’s interior stays true to the Japanese Shibui aesthetics, creating a homely feel where guests get to relax and fully appreciate the flavors of the dishes. Hosting not more than 10 people each round, the chef goes into the details behind the dishes and the ingredients as he presents his creations in front of you in handpicked Japanese ceramics.

On The Menu: The chef and his team aspire to bring the authentic Edomade dining experience to Hong Kong, recreated with a distinctive selection of sashimi and sushi with respect to seasonality and freshness. During lunch, Omakase Course, Sushi Rin serves Sushi Set, Sashimi Set and other main sets. The fun starts at 6 when diners get to enjoy the seafood of the day handpicked by the chef in the full Omakase Course (from HK$1,680), which comprises 7 sashimi serves & 6 pieces of sushi and 2 hot dishes to add on.

Castle Stone Clam | Image: Sushi Rin

Shellfish and oysters will be the stars of Sushi Rin’s summer menu. The chef presents Ishigaki gai, also known as Castle Stone Clam which is rich in protein and calcium, with a touch of wasabi sauce on vinegar rice dressed in grapefruit skin for a refreshing twist. Diners can also look forward to Taira gai Pen Shell, a large seawater clam. Served with scalloped, the dish will leave an impression with its concentrated umami and a firmer texture. Before moving to sushis, guests will be served Hokkaido Oysters, a variety that flaunts ultra sweetness with mild brininess.

Hokkaido Oyster | Image: Sushi Rin

Great For: Best friend catch-up.

FYI: Please let the team know beforehand if you have any allergies, especially to shellfish.

This writeup was based on a complimentary media tasting. See our editorial policy here.