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By Gayatri Bhaumik | May 3rd, 2019
  • Restaurant
  • HK Island, Wan Chai

Cantonese Elegance: Tucked away in the brand new St. Regis Hong Kong hotel in Wan Chai, Rùn is a sophisticated take on the traditional Cantonese restaurant.

Look & Feel: By day, light floods the space while at night, guests are offered a glimpse of the neon-lit Wan Chai streets. Earthy tones and plenty of space create a relaxed, zen vibe, while smart partitioning creates different, more intimate spaces throughout the restaurant.

Fried diced tofu, seven spices

On the Menu: Being the signature Cantonese restaurant at Hong Kong’s hottest new hotel, you can expect clever, modern takes on traditional favorites at Rùn. We were big fans of the dim sum dishes we tried, including the har gao, sui mai and Wagyu puffs, as well as the scallop rice rolls and the fried diced tofu with seven spices. Barbecued meats are of course, one of the specialities here, and we can confirm the char sui was sublime. Desserts are, once again, contemporary twists on Chinese classics, but there are a few surprises – one of the signatures is a bird’s nest panna cotta shaped like bunny rabbits.

Jeng: The food is superb, the ambiance is relaxed and elegant, and there’s a great tea service to enhance the food.

Not so Jeng: We really couldn’t find anything to fault here!

Meet the Chef: Hung Chi-Kwong is one of Hong Kong’s most renowned chefs, so we’re expecting big things from this restaurant.

Great For: Sophisticated dim sum lunches, business meetings or family get-togethers — it’ll work for almost anything, really.

FYI: The restaurant has two huge private dining rooms that can fit up to 10 and 16 people respectively.

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