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By The Loop HK Staff | March 18th, 2019
  • Restaurant
  • Central, HK Island
  • Address: 45 Pottinger Street, Central
  • Website:
  • Open Hours: Daily, Lunch, Dinner; Monday-Saturday, Late Night
  • Open Since : January, 2019
  • Rating: 3.5
  • Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Ramen
  • Ambience: Casual

Not Your Regular Ramen: Ramen, again? Nojo Ramen Tavern offers a little something new with its chicken-focused ramen in the heart of Central.

Look & Feel: Located along buzzing Pottinger Street, the restaurant’s sleek white and grey façade leads into a casual, modern take on the traditional ramen-ya. Amber-hued pendant lights hang above wooden countertops and paper-screen-like windows and wall treatments.

Nojo Ramen Tavern
Nojo Ramen Tavern

On the Menu: You’d be hard-pressed to walk through any neighborhood without happening upon one of Hong Kong’s ubiquitous Japanese noodle joints. But in a city saturated with ramen, Nojo Ramen Tavern offers a little something different, specializing in chicken ramen and serving up oden (a Japanese one-pot hotpot dish), rice bowls, and an array of Japanese snacks besides. Think yuzu ramen with chicken meatballs and bamboo sprouts, tender sukiyaki skewers, and smoked salmon-wrapped potato salad rolls.

Great For: Slurping warm and hearty comfort food (with a contemporary twist).

FYI: The restaurant’s moromi soy sauce is hand-filtered; order any of its sashimi platters to see the soy sauce filtered table-side exactly to your tastes.

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This writeup is a news piece and was not based on a restaurant visit. The Loop HK will update this post once we’ve visited in person.