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By Gayatri Bhaumik | September 8th, 2021
  • Restaurant
  • Central
  • Address: Shop 203, Alexandra House, 18 Chater Road, Central
  • Website:
  • Open Hours: Daily
  • Capacity: 40
  • Open Since : August, 2021
  • Rating: 4
  • Ambience: Casual
Veggie Forward: The third restaurant in chef Shane Osborn’s Arcane Collective, Moxie is an appropriately plucky little eatery focusing on fresh vegetables handled with care.

Look & Feel: Located within the behemoth Landmark complex, Moxie is tucked away in an in-between spot between Alexandra House and Prince’s Building, a spot that was once occupied by Cova. Now, the space has been remade with an open kitchen with counter seating, a bar set-up, and a dining area with just a handful of tables tucked behind protective glass that offer some semblance of privacy.

moxie beetroot mango starter

On the Menu: Shane Osborn is known for his devotion to simple, ingredient-driven dishes and to that end, Moxie is no different. The twist, though, is that the new eatery pushes “conscious dining” with an environmentally-friendly mostly-vegetarian agenda—albeit in a discreet, we-promise-you’ll-enjoy-it way. If you must have a bit of flesh on your plate, though, never fear. Moxie offers several dishes laced with seafood—all sustainably sourced, naturally.

Signature dishes include the delightfully fresh and zesty Ruby Beetroots with Taiwanese Mango, Feta and Jalapeño Dressing ($138), the flavorful (deconstructed) Tarte Fine of Sweet Onion withs Girolles, Peas, and Argan Oil ($158). In a surprise touch, mains include a rather generously-portioned Nettle Spanakopita—made from stinging nettles, mind you—with an incredibly moreish, homemade cashew and roasted garlic hummus ($208).

Fancy a pudding to finish? The Warm Chocolate Tart with Espresso Chantilly ($108) is exactly as rich and decadent as you’d expect, while the Pavlova ($128) served with yellow peach and passionfruit is a light, punchy treat that’s perfect for Hong Kong’s summer humidity.

Jeng: The elegant dishes made with exacting attention to detail.

Not So Jeng: Unfortunately, due to its location, there’s not much atmosphere at Moxie.

Meet the Chef: Michael Smith formerly worked with Shane at his flagship restaurant, Arcane. His Three Grain Mapo Tofu dish at Moxie started out at a staff meal in Arcane’s kitchen.

Great For: Casual lunches and business meeting breakfasts.

FYI: Grab a seat at the four-seat chef’s table to watch the kitchen and chat to the chefs as you eat.

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