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By The Loop HK Staff | May 3rd, 2019
  • Restaurant
  • HK Island, Wan Chai

Match Made in Heaven: The ramen counterpart to neighboring exclusive katsu sando restaurant Wagyumafia, Mashi no Mashi offers wagyu tsukemen noodles in a quiet corner of Wan Chai.

Look & Feel: Accommodating only 12 diners at a time, the cosy ramen counter restaurant is characterized by its bright and playful monkey mascots, which are also emblazoned on the neon sign outside.

Mashi no Mashi
Mashi no Mashi

On the Menu: Tsukemen is a type of ramen that requires each bite to be submerged in a bowl of dipping sauce. At Mashi no Mashi, there are three types of tsukemen to choose from — regular ($80), wagyu ($130) or tokusei ($160). The beef used is the same melt-in-your-mouth Ozaki beef used at Wagyumafia. There’s also wagyu gyoza ($120 for six pieces) or wagyu donburi (beef over rice).

Meet the Chef: Chef Hisato Hamada is the mastermind behind Wagyumafia, which serves the most expensive katsu sando in the world and boasts massive popularity in its native Japan.

Great For: Satisfying those carnivorous cravings in casual, no-nonsense surrounds.

FYI: Mashi no Mashi made waves when former soccer star David Beckham was photographed enjoying a bowl at the restaurant shortly after its opening.

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This writeup is a news piece and was not based on a restaurant visit. The Loop HK will update this post once we’ve visited in person.