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By Adele Wong | February 13th, 2016
  • Fast Food
  • Central, HK Island

Lobsters & Buns: Get your fair share of lobster and seafood rolls, fast food-style, at Lobster Central on Stanley Street.

Look & Feel: The modestly sized shop is bright and white inside, with a few stools on the side and a counter in the center to order your goodies from.

On the Menu: Rolls are the order of the day, and you can take your pick of lobster ($138), crab ($118) or shrimp ($88). There are also sides like lobster bisque, truffle fries and crab claws to go along with the mains and a few sets that let you sample a bit of everything.

Lobster Central
Lobster Central

Service: Service is friendly and efficient at Lobster Central, no complaints here.

Jeng: The signature lobster roll is stuffed with stripped, steamed and simply seasoned crustacean meat, featuring quite a bit of claw. The firm and savory flesh spills out of a sweet, milky bun that’s toasted and treated with butter. We confess that it took us a good three minutes to get a good shot of our spoils, so its cold-ish temperature, if not intentional, could’ve been partially our fault.

Not So Jeng: We haven’t really tried anything else so can’t comment on the rest of the menu. But something about a $138 fast food anything — lobster or otherwise — rubs us the wrong way.

Great For: An indulgent snack, a quick after-work meal.

FYI: The lobsters come from Maine in the US.

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