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By Adele Wong | September 18th, 2015
  • Restaurant
  • Admiralty, HK Island

Hotel Buffet: JW Marriott’s JW Cafe (formerly Marriott Cafe) went through some major renovations in the first half of 2015 and has come out looking sharp, dapper, and sporting an entirely new spread to entice its diners.

Look & Feel: The open space, which overlooks the lobby of the hotel, is now a trendy gray affair. On one wall is an impressive Hong Kong photo mural, and near the entrance are the salad and raw bars, buffet stations, and dessert displays.

You'll be loosening that belt a few notches after this spread
You’ll be loosening that belt a few notches after this spread

Meet the Chef: Executive sous-chef Tony Wong boasts over 25 years of kitchen experience, and gives us a balanced blend of Asian and western options.

On the Menu: Pace yourself, because it can be overwhelming to decide between the sushi, the cold cuts and cheeses, fresh vegetable salads, fishball noodles, crab and lobster claws, Peking duck pancakes, roast meats, and Indian curries on offer. And don’t forget Cantonese classics like steamed grouper and braised fish maw, and the long spread of fusion desserts for the finish line. (Lunch: $388-$478 per person, Dinner: $618-$688 per person, not including 10% service.)

Service: You’ll pretty much be serving yourself most of the way, although there is an army of chefs at various stations to make or prepare some dishes to order.

Jeng: The Peking duck pancakes are wrapped with the perfect balance of sauce, meat, skin and fat, the char siu pieces are delectably decadent, and the Hong Kong-style opera cake and cream-filled egg rolls are worth loosening your belt over.

Great For: JW Cafe makes a great spot for a family gathering, or any occasion that warrants a pig-out session.

FYI: Need more intimacy? There’s a private balcony that seats 12 comfortably available for a minimum charge.

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