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By Michelle Chan | January 16th, 2023
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Japanese izakaya meets European bistro: More than your one-stop destination for fresh ingredients, worldwide delicacies and beyond, city’super unveils its second restaurant iza’bis at Times Square to serve as the perfect blend between Japanese izakaya and European bistro. On offer are over 150 authentic dishes helmed by proficient chefs, as well as 1,500 wines, sakes and spirits sourced from across the globe.

Look & feel: Wooden textures and subdued leather weave together a cozy ambience that is typical of bistros in the European lands. Hosting up to 80 seats and with the liquor and spirit wonderland that is Wine Town integrated into the dining hall, iza’bis is where guests embark on an intimate gastronomic adventure with family and friends.

iza’bis by city’super sitting area

On the menu: Premium, carefully sourced Japanese and European ingredients are the backbone of the iza’bis menu. But the spotlight definitely shines on city’super’s very own caviar brand, where the Baeri, Ossetra and Amursky varieties are ready to impress alongside recommended champagnes.

For those who have a palate for seafood and beef, iza’bis makes sure to blow you away with sublime selections such as in-season oysters paired with homemade toppings, delightful seafood assortments, A5 Grade Otome Ushi Wagyu Beef, each a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to culinary excellence — and don’t forget the many wines to pair your dishes with.

Great for: Sophisticated weekday dinners to treat yourself before jumping back into your daily routine.

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