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By Andrea Lo | April 23rd, 2016
  • Restaurant
  • HK Island, Kennedy Town
  • Address: Shop E & F, G/F, Luen Wai Apartments, 136-142 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town
  • Open Hours: Monday-Friday, Dinner, Late Night
  • Open Since : February, 1992
  • Phone: 2818-3658
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Ambience: Casual, Loud

Neighborhood Institution: Way before hordes of trendy restaurants invaded the Western District, there was Hor Hor Deem, the OG of the Kennedy Town dining scene. With humble beginnings as a tiny joint under a stairwell, the local diner moved to its current location on Belcher’s Street over a decade ago. 

Look & Feel: This is a no-frills kind of place — you come here for the food. Grab a plastic stool on one of the shared tables and scoff down on your noodles with the sound of TVB dramas. There’s a jovial ambience, amplified when HKU students, the post-party crowd and cab drivers on late shifts start to pour in.

Meet the Chef: Hor Hor Deem is run by three hard-working ladies, who have remained completely hands-on, from cooking up delicious Hong Kong-style fare to taking orders and clearing tables.

On the Menu: Find classic local snacks like pig’s stomach ($12), fish balls ($12), and cheung fun ($13) served with lashings of peanut butter and chili sauce. You’ll also find a great selection of congee — from beef to pork and thousand-year-old egg. Here for something a bit more substantial? Go for the beef ho fun ($23) and the beef brisket noodles ($25). There are more than 30 types of Chinese desserts, which start at just $10.

Service: We’ve been coming here since childhood, and the service has always had a warm, friendly touch — even when the place is rammed and the three ladies look visibly hassled. 

Jeng: Hor Hor Deem has remained a true neighborhood joint by keeping its prices low. The place is versatile, too — come for a filling dinner, or to satisfy your post-partying munchies. Open from 4pm to 3am, It’s immensely popular with the late-night crowd. A few months ago, we complained after a server refused to let us sit at an empty table — which was later given away to walk-ins who came after us. The misunderstanding was swiftly remedied with apologies from all three owners and the server himself, as well as comped soya bean milk and dessert. Basically, this is the kind of place that cares about its diners.

Not So Jeng: The place is noisy and packed most of the time, and you might find yourself sitting with a table of rowdy students. But hey, you don’t come here expecting a posh dining experience.

Great For: Casual meal, late-night bite, cheap desserts and good conversations.

FYI: Hor Hor Deem has been around for more than 20 years. Hong Kong restaurants, take note!

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