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By Michelle Chan | January 1st, 2023
  • Restaurant
  • Causeway Bay, HK Island

Luscious Omakase experience: Hiru Omakase is one of Montage Group’s latest ventures into Japanese dining where aesthetic and flavor are of utmost importance. Here you can enjoy Omakase courses featuring premium seafood and fine ingredients specially tailored per your preference.

Look & Feel: Inspired by the tranquility and brightness of the day, Hiru Omakase creates an airy atmosphere by contrasting white walls with muted stones. Elements of Japanese Zen garden meet contemporary minimalism to build a spacious, restful haven for your next gastronomic expedition.

On the Menu: Hiru Omakase champions the beauty of contrasts through a meticulous menu design. A flavor journey from “light and succulent, rich and abounding” back to “mild and precise” is showcased through sushi omakase lunch sets (from HK$488), special lunch sets (from HK$298) and omakase dinner sets (HK$988).

For a premium dining experience, don’t miss the Hiru Omakase Premium Tailor-made set (HK$2,488). Indicate your preference for crab, white-fleshed fish or red-fleshed fish three days before your arrival to enjoy a bespoke meal you won’t forget any time soon.

Great for: Treating yourself and pampering your tastebuds with premium flavors.

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