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By Kate Springer | September 14th, 2015
  • Restaurant
  • HK Island, Wan Chai
  • Address: Shop 3, G/F, 2866-0663, 35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
  • Open Hours: Lunch, Dinner
  • Open Since : November, 1922
  • Phone: 2866-0663
  • Rating: 5
  • Cuisine: Asian, Cantonese, Chinese, Dim Sum
  • Ambience: Fancy, Traditional

Classy Cantonese: A stalwart Hong Kong favorite among pin stripers and government officials, Fook Lam Moon takes classy Cantonese to the next level.

Look & Feel: Smart casual is the order of the day in this venerable establishment. Catering towards a business crowd, you’ll find lots of little nooks and private dining rooms set aside. The main area has been nicknamed the “Cafeteria for the Wealthy” so you might even spot a notable personality while you’re there.

Fook Lam Moon Interiors
Fook Lam Moon is for movers and shakers

On the Menu: The award-winning signatures include whole abalone with duck feet and pomelo skin, as well as roast suckling pig, double-boiled soups and delicate dim sums.

Service: Unlike most traditional Hong Kong dim sum restaurants, the service is actually extremely patient and attentive. Go figure!

Jeng: The dim sum here can’t be beat. The cheong fun rolls ($70)  are extra velvety, the dumpling skins extra delicate, and the haam shui gok ($60) have the most kick-ass crispy shells.

Not So Jeng: While dim sum prices are reasonable for a restaurant of its caliber, be prepared to pay $1,600 for a bowl of bird’s nest congee with minced partridge, or $600 for a roast goose during dinnertime.

Great For: Business lunches, treating your granny.

FYI: Fook Lam Moon means “good fortune arriving at your door.”

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