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By The Loop HK Staff | March 5th, 2018
  • Restaurant
  • HK Island, Wan Chai
  • Address: G/F, 221A Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai
  • Open Hours: Daily, Lunch, Dinner
  • Capacity: 50
  • Open Since : January, 2018
  • Phone: 2861 3001
  • Rating: 3.5
  • Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Sushi
  • Ambience: Intimate

Stairway to Heaven: Based off of omakase — a Japanese dining concept where your courses are selected by the chef, often presented in an order where one dish moves seamlessly into the next — Fishman Fukuoka adds a twist to the meal by presenting it on a gorgeous cascading staircase.

Look and Feel: A small, intimate space located along bustling Wan Chai Road, Fishman Fukuoka’s wood-filled interiors mirror the wooden staircase presentation. Minimalist white and gray brick walls make excellent photo backdrops while also leaving you to focus all your attention on your meal.

On the Menu: The highlight of the menu is, of course, the cascading staircase omakase. Fresh, seasonal fish is beautifully arranged on the wooden structure; simply begin at the bottom where the first course is placed and work your way up. (A small meal is $198 while a large one is $298.)

Great For: Getting an excellent Instagram snap. Camera, eat your heart out.

FYI: Hankering after a meal that’s a little more down to earth? Sashimi bowls and grilled fish or meat sets are on the menu, too.

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This writeup is a news piece and was not based on a restaurant visit. The Loop HK will update this post once we’ve visited in person.