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By Gayatri Bhaumik | September 15th, 2018
  • Bar
  • Central, HK Island, SoHo

Turning Up Green: Design-friendly bar impresario Ashley Sutton has done it again. And this time, at the old Superintendent’s House at the former Central Police Headquarter – now better known as arts and cultural hub Tai Kwun. As with all things Sutton, Dragonfly is a wild, weird and wonderful experience, so let your imagination run wild.

Look & Feel: Extravagance, quirk and a hint of Art Deco-esque style reign supreme. There’s plenty of emerald green glass that recalls the famous Tiffany lamps of old. Over the bar, a behemoth, human-like dragonfly rendered in bronze takes center stage, daring all revelers to party hard. And popping up in the most random of places are over 500 cast iron dragonflies, dotted along the bar, floors, tables and walls.

Foie gras terrine, quince paste and brioche at Dragonfly.
Foie gras terrine, quince paste and brioche at Dragonfly.

On the Menu: Drinks are the main course here, and each one pays tribute to genius from across the globe. Monet’s Teapot, an homage to the artist who made his Giverny gardens famous through watercolours, is a surprising combo of gin, sake, cucumber, nori and line, presented in a Japanese-inspired cast-iron teapot. Inspired by (assumedly) the science-groundbreaking Madame Curie, Madam Marie is a concoction of horseradish-infused vodka, Worcestershire sauce, smoked salt, lemon and tomato – served with an oyster. For something to soak up the booze, try one of the fancy bar bites – think short ribs buns, beef sliders, and black truffle polenta bites.

Jeng: Ashley Sutton does bars extremely well, and Dragonfly is no exception. The cocktails are a tribute to the bartender’s craft.

Not so jeng: The indoor space is can get rather claustrophobic. When that happens, head for one of the tables on the outdoor terrace.

Great for: Girls’ nights (or lads’ nights), and trying serious cocktails.

FYI: It’s located in a hidden corner of Tai Kwun – it’s easier to find if you just ask security where it is.

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