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By Faye Bradley | October 13th, 2021
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  • Tsim Sha Tsui

Cave Vibes: The first thing you’ll notice about Dab-pa Artisan is the design. It’s not everyday that you come across a cave-themed restaurant after all! Its contemporary cave design welcomes with its soothing beige-pink color palette and unique hole-in-the-wall – quite literally – corner spaces.

Look & Feel: Dab-pa Artisan has a cool and trendy feel to it from the moment you walk in. There’s a selection of seating to choose from, but many people line up for the photogenic aforementioned private corner seating. It feels artistic without being pretentious.

Dabpa Artisan
Photo: Dab-pa Artisan

On the Menu: Experimentation is at the core of this restaurant, which takes Chinese regional dishes to new highs. Mixing flavors and techniques served in beautiful presentations, Dapba Artisan offers dishes that are truly unique in both taste and visuals. There’s also a variety of cocktails, mocktails, tea and the like. We tried two photogenic cocktails to get the night going. For starters the duck liver paté ‘mei kuei lu’ (HK$148) comes with red date and traditional you tiao to replace crispy breadsticks. It’s a hefty yet delightful dish that is best shared to save it from being too empowering because of the paté’s richness. The beef tartare (HK$148) is a must, smothered in aromatic sesame oil with a hint of Sichuan spice.

Be sure to order the signature Artisan cod fish (HK$238) with pickled cabbage, a brothy, flavorful plate that will tingle the senses. Meat lovers should order the tender and succulent braised US short rib (HK$278) with sweet strawberry and mustard seed. The chongqing spicy chicken (HK$88) wings with garlic and chili, however, was less exciting and to our dismay, not spicy enough.

Jeng: The main dishes did it for us. Plus, whimsical presentations and powerful combinations of favorite flavors made this experience a truly unique and memorable one.

Not So Jeng: Although the space is uber chic, it does feel a bit small. But that’s probably due to the huge countertable in the center of the restaurant. Either way, you’ll barely notice since the food will keep you occupied. Plus, the crowds are upbeat and boast a good ambiance.

Meet the Chef: Chef Ki takes the reigns, bringing his expertise in the best ingredients globally. From Wagyu beef to black truffles, Chef Ki only sources the best of the best in his menu.

Great For: Casual friends night out.

FYI: Despite the restaurant’s upscale feeling, the prices are actually very reasonable. You can dine as a couple for under HK$800.

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This writeup was based on a complimentary media tasting.