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By Ashley Soo | August 1st, 2022
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All-Day Bakery: Crepes & Bakes opened last month with the much anticipated Hong Kong Palace Museum, serving freshly baked goods and sweet and savoury crêpes inspired by global flavors.

Image: Crepes & Bakes

Look & Feel: Located by the Hong Kong Palace Museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District, the modern eatery provides 2,000 sq. feet of dining space indoors and outdoors with unobstructed harbor views. Crepes & Bakes’ interior takes cues from the half-timbered architecture in Brittany, France, where the intricate copper hanging-light fixtures and the light-colored wooden furniture are presented in front of the white brick wall. Thanks to the semi-open kitchen, guests will be instantly captured by the buttery smell of the baked goods upon entering.

On The Menu: As stated in its name, visitors will be served a range of baked goods, savory or sweet.

The eatery is divided into four sections, feeding guests of every appetite with baked goods or quality fares. In the Bakery All Day section, the team serves traditional breakfasts: bread basket with salted butter and jam (HK$68), croissants and baguette sandwiches (HK$40-$88) and more sweet treats.

Cobb Salad | Image: Crepes & Bakes

Diners visiting at lunchtime would find offerings in the Salads and Tarts section most appealing. Cobb Salad (HK$138), Quinoa Salad (HK$78), Provencal Tart made with zucchini, eggplant, tomato and mozzarella (HK$78) — you can find every light meal perfect for a summer day.

If you are craving crêpes (well, who isn’t!), the Buckwheat Crêpes and Sweet Crêpes sections are here to serve. Besides gluten-free savory flavors such as the traditional Ham & Cheese roll (HK$88) and 4-cheese’ of swiss, mozza, comte and reblochon (HK$138), Crepes & Bakes also serves the French-classic Butter, Sugar and Lemon (HK$58) crêpe, Valrhona Chocolate buckwheat crêpe (HK$78), as well as more Asian-inspired flavors like Matcha (HK$68) and Yuzu (HK$98).

Great For: Museum breaks, picnics.

FYI: Crepes & Bakes is closed on Tuesdays!

This writeup is a news piece and was not based on a restaurant visit. The Loop HK will update this post once we’ve visited in person.

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