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By Kate Springer | February 3rd, 2016
  • Bar, Restaurant
  • Central, HK Island
  • Address: 58 Peel Street, Central
  • Website:
  • Open Hours: Dinner
  • Capacity: 45
  • Phone: 2810-0850
  • Rating: 4
  • Cuisine: Asian, Vietnamese
  • Ambience: Alfresco, Casual, Trendy

Alfresco Vietnamese: Transporting the casual bia hoi beer sipping tradition to Soho’s ever-evolving Peel Street, Chôm Chôm is pretty much always packed. Come the weekends, happy hour crowds spill out onto the streets and you’ll get lucky if you can snag a table, but the wait is usually worth it.

Look & Feel: With big open-air windows and easy access to sidewalk space, Chôm Chôm is not just a solid dinner option if you can snag a table but also a popular spot to throw back a few beers. Though the tables are really crammed in there, the tiny restaurant does its best to keep up with customers and there are a few extra seats at the bar that give off that busy street-dining vibe.

Chom Chom outdoor seating
Outdoor seating? Yes please

Meet the Chef: The Black Sheep Restaurant is undergoing a transition at the moment, after star chef Peter Cuong Franklin left to open Viet Kitchen in 2015.

On the Menu: Though you’ll find Hanoi street food-inspired dishes, don’t expect street food prices. The recipes, likewise, are classed up a notch with the likes of caramelized black cod, “shaking” beef tenderloin, and a true Hanoi staple: the turmeric-smothered Cha Ca white sole filet.

Jeng: We’re big fans of the aforementioned signatures, but no meal is complete at Chôm Chôm without an order of the VFC (Vietnamese Fried Chicken) wings: sweet, crispy and covered in garlic. And, naturally, we’re all over the Vietnamese beer menu, featuring the likes of Saigon Export and 333.

Chom Chom Cocktail
Chom Chom’s fiery Srirachelada cocktail will heat up your night

Not so Jeng: Almost every visit we leave feeling rushed and just kind of dismissed by the service staff. We realize they’re busy, but where’s the love?

Great for: Beer with friends, lively dinners.

FYI: There’s no banh mi on the menu… unless you get there in time for happy hour Wed-Sun from 4-6:30pm.

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