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By Ashley Soo | November 8th, 2022
  • Take-out
  • Quarry Bay
  • Address: G/F , 1-17 Hoi Chak Street, Quarry Bay
  • Website:
  • Open Hours: Monday-Friday
  • Open Since : November, 2022
  • Ambience: Casual

Comfort Food On The Go: Chickpea opens its newest branch in Hoi Chak Street, and will be serving convenient comfort food to the nearby Taikoo and Quarry Bay Communities during the work week. Offering quick nevertheless tasty lunch options, the take-out spot will satisfy all your cravings for protein while balancing your need for veggies to fuel you up for the rest of the day.

Look & Feel: Squeezing itself in between all the other restaurants in the marketplace, Chickpea Quarry Bay is a small but efficient stall where you see all the fresh food that is going into your hummus bowls and pita pockets displayed on the shelf while you order from the till next to it.

Image: Chickpea

On The Menu: If you want all of your favorite Middle Eastern flavors in one bite, Chickpea’s Hummus Bowls will be the most satisfying. With a base of aromatic rice, falafel, hummus, crispy fried bread and pickled slaw, and topped with a range of vegan, vegetarian and meaty protein of your choice, the hummus bowl will make a delicious lunch break for the workday. As for those who follow a low-carb diet, Chickpea’s Salad Bowls with the base of a quinoa and veggie salad is what you would be looking for. Of course, customers get to choose their protein options from pulled beef, chicken and fish, while vegetarian and vegan orders would be topped either with falafel, halloumi or cauliflower. You can also expect all of the goodies to come in pita pockets — an even more convenient lunch to grab on the go.

Chickpea is generous with the portion and they understand that big lunches are not for everyone. On the menu, you can also find sides like falafels and tahini, hummus with Arabic bread, fries, and other snacks for when all you need is some quick food.

Great For: Quick lunch, lunch on the go.

FYI: Chickpea is closed on the weekends!

This writeup was based on the writer’s own private visit. See our editorial policy here.

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