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By Kate Springer | February 3rd, 2016
  • Bar, Restaurant
  • Central, HK Island

Fine Dine: Beautifully presented French fare, impeccable wine pairings, a famous cheese room and gorgeous views of Victoria Harbour keep Caprice firmly among Hong Kong’s best fine dining restaurants year after year.

Look & Feel: An open kitchen space showcases some 25 chefs at work and the artful plating process. Window seats overlook Victoria Harbour and the interiors give off a glamorous art deco feel.

Meet the Chef: After Chef Vincent Thierry left in 2014, Fabrice Vulin took on the role of chef de cuisine, incorporating a pinch of Moroccan flare into the contemporary French menu that changes every two to three weeks.

On the Menu: Caprice specializes in contemporary French cuisine but what you see on the menu is just the start. The experience rounds itself out by an incredible cheese selection (which takes two servers to carry to your table) and a cellar full of Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles. For a tour of the chef’s seasonal dishes and longtime favorites, the best way to experience Caprice in all its glory is the Chef’s 10-course tasting menu ($1,990) and an arranged wine pairing.

Service: You’d expect the highest caliber of service at a restaurant like Caprice, and you’ll be hard pressed to ask a question these servers can’t answer. From wine pairings to ingredients, this team is totally on the ball.

Jeng: We could easily fill up on the generous amuse bouche and fresh breads served at the beginning of the meal. The Gillardeau oysters ($610) in sea water jelly make for a fresh start, whisking you to the seaside. One of the signatures, La Langoustine Royale ($750) with Le Kristal caviar, shines with sweet langoustine meat, al dente ravioli and earthy mushrooms. We also can’t find fault with the plump pan-seared scallops ($890) topped with generous shavings of Alba white truffle. The unparalleled presentation of the cheese board ($270), on a literal log of wood, is one you’ll remember forever.

Not So Jeng: Compared with the other beautifully plated dishes, the poached foie gras ($820) is just a depressing-looking heap of brown. The dish doesn’t taste depressing, of course, but overall we were hoping for something less predictable.

Great For: Dates with the love of your life, proposals, impressing business partners, straight up showing off.

FYI: If you can’t plump for the whole sit-down dinner, you can reserve a table in Caprice’s adjacent bar for a set lunch ($220), a la carte dinner, or an epic “A Bit of Everything” cheese board ($370) with a glass of wine ($120 to $270).

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