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By Kate Springer | April 30th, 2016
  • Bar
  • Central, HK Island
  • Address: 12 On Wo Lane, Central
  • Website:
  • Open Hours: Daily, Drinks
  • Open Since : August, 2015
  • Phone: 2868-0468
  • Rating: 4
  • Cuisine: Whisky
  • Ambience: Intimate, Trendy

Whisky Den: Slide open the cement door and inside you’ll find a cool tavern devoted to whisky enthusiasts, with intimate seating and an encyclopedic menu.

Look & Feel: It’s easy to walk right by this cement door, and the exclusive feel continues inside. There’s a loft-life space, cozy leather chairs, wooden tables, brushed concrete, arched ceiling and backlit bar adding to the hushed mood. 

On the Menu: The better question is what’s not on the menu? Browse through nearly two dozen pages of whiskies, featuring bottles from France, Sweden, Ireland, India, Japan and much more. There’s also a shortlist of and some hand-picked craft beer that’s divided into categories such as cider, Belgian, ‘malty’ and ‘hoppy.’ 

Service: You might brace yourself for pretentious types who’d scoff at a budget, but our knowledgable server hones in on our preferences and suggests reasonably priced selections.

Jeng: The tasting sets are hella affordable (when it comes to whisky, at least) and offer several options. Explore three labels in a brand (price depends on brand), taste the “Art of Maturation” ($150 for three) or go all out with the “Peat Bogs on Islay” ($150 for three). Although our whisky selection, Glendronach 15-Year Revival ($100), is out of stock, the server points us to not one but three different Glendronach varieties as a suitable replacement.

Not So Jeng: You can’t pick and choose who shares the bar with you, but some rowdy types kinda ruined our entire experience. We’d also love to see some snacks on the menu, and perhaps a handful of non-whisky-based cocktails for less enthusiastic friends.

Great For: A date night drink, trying new whiskies, classy nights out.

FYI: This tiny spot is right next to Ronin (also hidden on On Wo Lane). But if you can find one, then you’ve essentially found the other.

This writeup was based on an independent tasting. The Loop doesn’t guarantee/sell restaurant review coverage. See our editorial policy here.