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By Adele Wong | January 10th, 2018
  • Cafe, Restaurant
  • HK Island, Wan Chai
  • Address: 14 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai
  • Website:
  • Open Hours: Tue-Sun, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea
  • Open Since : January, 2018
  • Rating: 5
  • Cuisine: Brunch, Coffee, Pastries, Western
  • Ambience: Casual

House of Pastries: Five years in the making, former Four Seasons pastry chef Gregoire Michaud has finally opened up his own pastry cafe, aptly named Bakehouse, on Tai Wong Street East in Wan Chai.

Look & Feel: The high-ceilinged space captures the cozy bakery vibe to a T. With a simple display counter at the entrance stacked with freshly baked goods, the restaurant opens up to a dining section with a dozen wooden tables on the left side. Customers can also take a peek into the kitchen behind the counter to catch the bakers at work.

Freshly baked croissants at Bakehouse
Freshly baked croissants at Bakehouse

On the Menu: Breads, pastries, cookies and other freshly baked goods are what you come for — think croissants (filled and plain), danishes, baguettes and much more. There are also set menus that come with fancy garnished sandwiches using the likes of bread rolls, foccacia as base. A simple selection of coffees and teas makes up the bulk of the drinks menu.

Meet the Chef: Gregoire Michaud is the face of the brand, and he’s got a dedicated team supporting him in the kitchen.

Jeng: You’ll be hard-pressed to find fluffier and more delectable baked treats in humidity-heavy Hong Kong — Bakehouse knows what it’s doing. The croissants and danishes are (to be awkwardly poetic about it) wispy as clouds. It does help that two separate batches are made fresh each day. The prices are also almost too good to be true in this day and age!

Not So Jeng: The restaurant currently closes by 5pm, so no dinner service at the mo. It also doesn’t open until 8am — super early risers will have to wait.

FYI: Bakehouse is the retail arm of Bread Elements, which provides breads and pastries to other restaurants across the city.

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