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By Celia Hu | January 7th, 2022
  • Restaurant
  • Central
  • Address: 11/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central
  • Open Since : December, 2021
  • Phone: 2910 1128
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Cuisine: Modern, Western
  • Ambience: Fancy, Intimate, Trendy

The Number “One”: We kick off the first month of 2022 with a review on a restaurant centered around the number “1”. 1111 ONES, spanning the 11th floor of 18 On Lan Street, derives its name from the four-digit number often associated with good omens. The cuisine is built on the bones of fine dining, with subtle classic Cantonese flavor influences.

Look & Feel: Designed by Myron Kwan, the 35-seater restaurant decor was inspired by the soothing curves of Antelope Canyon in Arizona. The 2400-square foot space features a main dining room flanked by an open kitchen, as well as origami doors that create two private dining spaces. Visually stunning curves and ombré tawny cinnamon tones invite guests into a soothing space that flows with the curves of the bar counter, ornate ceiling and sandstone-like walls.

On The Menu: Only tasting menus are available, and guests can choose between a six-course ($1,288) menu or an eight-course ($1,588) variation. Instead of a menu list, guests are presented with a landscape photograph portfolio by award-winning photographer Kelvin Yuen. Each course corresponds to a photograph for a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience. We love the delicate tomato tart lined with melons and splashed with pomelo water, as well as the hot egg waffles topped with icy savoury creme for the amuse bouche.

The multi-layered tower of king crab, bamboo shoots, wood fungus, pickled vegetables topped with a huadiao gelee and fresh sea urchin roe is a delicious marriage between eastern ingredients and western techniques. Other highlights include the umami-rich yellow chicken, mushroom, dried scallop and pork bone consommé served with maitake and semi-dried oyster, and the soft-shelled lobster served two ways.

The Angus beef, served with a carrot and milk tea puree, is juicy and rolled in a flavourful pastrami crust. A dessert of Chinese rose liquor infused dark chocolate mousse and Earl Grey cookie wafer caps off the final course of the meal.

Jeng: At first we were hesitant that the photography book might come across as too gimmicky, but it actually added a lot of interesting sensory focus to each dish. Each course is innovative and flawlessly executed with plenty of finesse. We like that the Cantonese undertones blend effortlessly with the fine dining preparation, and doesn’t come across as being “fusion”.

Not So Jeng: The best seats in the house would be around the bar counter overlooking the open kitchen, and we’d imagine that these seats will be the first to be booked up.

Meet the Chef: Chef Will Leung honed his skills in the fine dining establishments of Felix and Gaddi’s, and is a regular guest fixture on various TVB programs. The youthful, innovative chef is passionate about incorporating the flavors of his Hong Kong roots in his cooking, and works with many local suppliers to minimise food wastage. For example, in his oyster dish, he uses surplus oysters from a local pearl farmer he met during a trip to Sai Kung. He is also an avid landscape photographer, and met the photographer of the menu photo book, Kelvin Yuen, during a hiking trip many years ago.

Great For: A delicious treat for a celebratory meal or an intimate romantic evening.

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This writeup was based on a complimentary media tasting. See our editorial policy here.