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By Adele Wong | January 8th, 2016

Well done, my love
Well played, your part
in melting your way
into this girl’s heart

You’re smooth, you’re sweet
You’re also nutty, it’s true
But you always manage
to rescue me from my blues

You’re not tall or handsome
But who cares, when you’re dark
I simply can’t get enough of you
and your wicked trademarks

You’re the final note of my nights
the literal sweet ending
You give me a high
that’s sometimes mind-bending

You’re an addiction, a distraction
a troubling influence on me
Only when I stop thinking of you
can my tired soul be free

But really, I ask
Do I want to let go?
What would life even be like
without you apropos?

I love you, I hate you
Hello and goodbye
I can’t make up my mind
I can’t settle this tie

Why do you look so vulnerable, unwrapped?
Why do you taste so tantalizing, entrapped
by my lips, my teeth, my merciless tongue
while you die a violent death, a hero unsung



CHOCOLATE. I’m talking about chocolate.

A mouthy soliloquy by Adele Wong. See more Food for Thought columns here.