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By Shimron Singh | December 14th, 2022

Oliver Wyman recently released an Annual Urban Mobility Readiness Index on Oliver Wyman Forum on the accessibility and efficiency of public transport around the world. As we know, public transport keeps the city eco-friendly and enables all walks of life to move around freely across the city.

Hong Kong takes the top place with our extensive network of stations that comes with very few delays and service disruptions. The best news of all? Our transportation system is one of the most affordable rates with conveniently located stations (even for those living in rural parts), and transfers are extremely smooth between lines. We have got tons of shops within our stations, 1,500 to be exact, which makes our public transport with the highest usage rate in the world.

Oliver Wyman HK Public Transport
Photo: Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman has quoted that “Other cities should study these examples” as we move on from the lasting effects of the COVID era and look to strengthen our economic state over time.

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