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By Shimron Singh | May 28th, 2023

The Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM), has announced the opening of three new retail and dining outlets to enrich the cultural, tourism, and dining experience of visitors. ART EXPRESS, a new museum shop operated by The Commercial Press, presents Palace Museum culture with a modern and creative twist. The 3,000 sq ft retail space is divided into six zones that offer a variety of products covering different aspects of life. Visitors can experience the pleasure of an emperor appreciating his precious art collection while browsing through the products and publications on display.

Connected to the museum gift shop via a Chinese-style arch, XIA is a Chinese teahouse that explores the creativity of palace food culture. The thoughtfully curated menu at XIA features dishes such as sweet pea cake, the Empress Dowager Cixi’s favorite dessert, and local specialties such as Chongqing noodles and Shanxi meat buns. Visitors have the unique opportunity to enjoy the palace treasures housed in the museum and then sample the delectable cuisines once relished by the imperial family.

The new Chinese restaurant at the HKPM, King Lung Heen, is located on the museum’s 4th floor and offers a stunning 270-degree view over Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour and the West Kowloon Art Park. The restaurant offers a selection of traditional dim sum and Cantonese dishes presented with a creative twist. Set amidst surroundings rich in arts and culture, King Lung Heen provides an unforgettable dining experience for gatherings with friends, families, or business associates.

With the opening of ART EXPRESS, XIA, and King Lung Heen, visitors can now enjoy a wider range of experiences that enrich their visit to this magnificent cultural landmark. Experience Chinese culture at its finest.

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