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By Joanna Lam | May 24th, 2017

For those of you who have yet to sign up at the local gym, we’re coming to the rescue. We consulted six Hong Kong fitness experts for their go-to workout-friendly outdoor sports grounds. Free memberships for all!

Arnold Wong (@uncvrclothing)

The legendary "superman" pose
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… It’s the legendary flying superman push-up pose. Photo: Arnold Wong

Arnold is the co-founder of UNCVR, an e-commerce platform that makes shopping for men’s clothing a breeze by putting together personalized fashion packages and delivering it to your doorstep monthly. When he’s not running his business, he also trains students at low-income schools in Shum Shui Po.

Where to go:

  • Tamar Park: Go for an exploratory run around this popular park, as seeing new faces and a change of routine can help combat workout boredom. The best part? The stunning harbor backdrop, obviously.
  • Causeway Bay Track: It’s the perfect quiet spot to get some sprint actions in. The track floor and decent running room make the perfect playground for you to work on your sprint technique and test top speeds.
  • Dragon’s Back: It might not be the hardest trail, but it’s got some stunning views. Of course, you can always make it more challenging by running the whole trail.

Favorite outdoor workouts: Sprints are great for pushing your body limits and to build muscles that you normally wouldn’t inside a gym. Agility ladders utilize your entire body’s mechanics and enhance body coordination. HIIT training is known for its versatility – you can do it anywhere, anytime and with a minimal use of equipment. It’s a good way to maintain lean muscle while burning fat, along with training your cardiovascular strength and endurance.

Kelsea Bangora (@YogiBangora)

Photo: Lauren Engel
Take your yoga mat outside. Photo: Lauren Engel

Originally from NYC, the ex-ballerina entered the world of yoga at the age of 15. The yoga veteran made a name in the US after winning the Yoga Asana Championship prior to her move to Hong Kong in 2013, where she founded her eponymous yoga company.

Where to go:

  • Pat Zing Park: It’s a quiet, shaded area with trees and there are local guys playing mahjong to keep you company.
  • Tamar Park: The flat ground with a great harbor backdrop makes for a great workout spot.
  • The Peak Trail: This popular hiking track gives you a chance to catch up with friends on the way up.

Favorite outdoor workouts: Practicing yoga outdoors offers you a very different experience compared to that of inside a studio: think natural sounds and and the hum of the city in the background.

Emma Chan (

Take your circuit outdoors for more functional strength. Photo: Emma Chan
Take your circuit outdoors for more functional strength. Photo: Emma Chan

The personal trainer at Costal Fitness Hong Kong specializes in strength and conditioning, in combination with nutrition. With over five years of experience in the fitness field, she’s your go-to expert for Les Mills, HIIT, yoga classes and everything in between.

Where to go:

  • Victoria Park: It’s a highly accessible park that is full of positive energy, thanks to the different groups of people doing various workouts within the same space. I especially love seeing the senior citizen doing all sorts of Tai Chi and dancing with the ribbons, along with the joggers on the track during the day and in the evenings.

Favorite outdoor workouts: I enjoy playing volleyball and rugby at the beach with friends, as the sand acts as a natural barrier that keeps injuries to a minimum. Bonus: You can also splash around in the sea when the temperature rises.

Philippa Ho (@bananas4asanas)

Photo Tip: Always match your outfits with the backdrop to earn those likes...Photo: Philippa Ho
Photo Tip: Always match your outfits with the backdrop to earn those likes…Photo: Philippa Ho

As the co-founder of arty home décor brand Kalacove, Philippa spends most of her time creating colourful patterns. Having discovered her love for yoga during her university days, Philippa also likes to get her OM on whilst teaching classes in various studios around the city.

Where to go:

  • Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park
  • Tamar Park
  • Happy Valley Racecourse

These outdoor spaces offer you a good mix of fresh air, beautiful skyline and a good sweat that can’t be found inside the gym.

Favorite outdoor workouts: I like to take my yoga mat outside for breathing in the fresh and crisp morning/dusk-time air.

Steffi Lopez Gonzalez (@steffi_yourlifeyourplayground)

Who needs to watch Netflix on the treadmill when you have this backdrop? Photo: Steffi
Who needs to watch Netflix on the treadmill when you have this backdrop? Photo: Today Tomorrow Photography

This Lululemon Ambassador is a fitness maven who wears many hats – aside from holding coaching consultations and speaking in seminars, she also runs regular wellness retreats and yoga events around Asia. Prior to her fitness career, Steffi spent a decade working as a TV presenter and editor in The Netherlands, Spain and South America.

Where to go:

  • Deep Water Bay
  • Tamar Park

Both of these places are natural workout havens away from the bustling crowds, with a stunning backdrop of the harbor. Living in a hectic city like Hong Kong, with skyscrapers and malls everywhere, it’s important to spend time outdoors and to find your balance, and stay grounded and happy.

Favorite outdoor workouts: One of the things I love the most about yoga is its versatile nature. I pick the particular practice according to my body condition, my energy levels and my mood of the day.

Stephanie Cuvelier (@calibratebystephanie)

Who needs the gym when you can workout for free?
Swap the gym for this free and stunning outdoor playground

With qualifications in personal, sports and exercise nutrition, along with pre/post-natal fitness, this fitness enthusiast is also a former athlete at the Hong Kong Sports Institute and a Rugby Sevens star. She teaches regular circuit classes at Happy Valley.

Where to go:

  • Happy Valley pitch: It’s an airy space for you to run around freely, with the benefits of fresh air. The jungle playground located right next to the pitch is also an ideal setting for bodyweight workouts. The pitch tends to be reserved by sports team in the evenings, so best go in the early or late mornings.
  • Bowen road: It’s a great running trail that is family and dog-friendly. Avoid peak hours from 8am to 10am and from 4pm to 6pm.

Favorite outdoor workouts: Sprints on the artificial turf pitches or hill sprints along the Bowen trail.