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By The Loop HK Staff | August 5th, 2019
  • Kowloon
  • Starts : 1566518400
  • Ends : 1567987200

Celebrating Femininity: Women’s Festival 女人節 2019 celebrates all things women by showcasing a meticulously curated selection of programs that span music, film, spirituality and health. Co-organized by Eaton HK, Sally Coco, and Reel Women Hong Kong, the theme for this year’s Women’s Festival is “self-love, self-care, and self-expression”, which will be presented through workshops, talks and exhibitions that are at once raw and honest, with a sprinkle of attitude and edge. Local talents and advocates as well as renowned artists will all be featured.

“Our festival seeks to explore women’s often subjugated position in the social, political and domestic spheres, the choices available to them, and how they negotiate with the conditions and situations, especially in relation to their body and sexuality,” says the event organizers. “Our festival program aims to start discussions on various themes and issues through the lives, experience, and perspectives of women, and promote gender awareness and equality in society, to assist participants enjoy and appreciate womanhood by exploring a range of medium and art forms, and to help incorporate both sex-positivism and art into their daily life.”

FYI: 10% of the net proceeds of ticketing income will go to Rainlily – Hong Kong’s first crisis center for female victims of sexual violence. All net proceeds of selected program will go directly to specific NGOs.

How much? Ticket prices vary depending on the event.

When? August 23-September 9, 2019.

Where? Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

How to book? Check out the Women’s Festival website for details.


Written by The Loop HK for Women’s Festival.