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By The Loop HK Staff | November 5th, 2018
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  • Central, HK Island
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The Art of Being Still: This winter, Perrotin Gallery presents an exciting new exhibition that explores architecture, non-art materials, and the legacy of Modernism. Headlining the Unstable Stillness exhibition are four of Mexico’s most exciting artists: José Léon Cerrillo, Jose Dávila, Gabriel Rico, and Martín Soto Climent. This new presentation builds on 2016 group exhibition at Perrotin Paris, where the four artists – along with 12 other contemporary Mexican artists – presented works in an exhibition titled “Cómo the boy a olvidar?,” or, how could I forget you.

When? Through December 1, 2018; Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-7pm.

Where? Perrotin Gallery, 50 Connaught Road, Central.

How much? Free.

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