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By The Loop HK Staff | December 9th, 2016
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A Helping Hand: Renowned Hong Kong-based singer Jill Vidal has taken on a new cause: she plans to raise awareness on human and sex trafficking in Asia, and help give women victims a second chance, by launching eponymous jewelry label VIDAL. A generous portion of VIDAL’s profits will go directly to providing rescue shelters and career and skills training to women who have fallen victim to sex work and human trafficking.

VIDAL’s first collection, 46,  is a series of bracelets produced by and in collaboration with charity organization and international jewelry label Eden Ministry. Handmade using fine braided threads and sapphire stones from Myanmar and paved set in 18-karat gold, the 46 bracelets were designed by Jill specifically to raise awareness and fight against sex trafficking and prostitution. With women empowerment as the core ethos, the bracelets are made for every woman to go with any outfit.

How much? $990.80 per bracelet.

Where can I get a pair? Shop directly at


Written by The Loop HK for VIDAL.