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By The Loop HK Staff | April 25th, 2019
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Sweet Treats: This April, Hong Kong goes up against 160 other cities in the City Nature Challenge, the world’s largest biodiversity awareness event. Over 50 organization, schools and NGOs such as WWF-HK, The Nature Conservancy, the Royal Geographic Society ESF, Ocean Park, and Arup are getting involved — but they still need your help! The City Nature Challenge is looking to get more people involved in this citizen science event by taking pictures of animals, plants or fungi on the free iNaturalist app anywhere in Hong Kong. Your observations will get uploaded into a database to create a map of Hong Kong’s incredible biodiversity for scientists and the world to see!

When? April 26-29, 2019

Where? Hong Kong

How much? Free!

How to participate: Simply download the iNaturalist app and get snapping!

Inquiries: For more information, email Shaun Martin at s1martinhk@gmail.com or visit the Facebook page.

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Written by The Loop HK for City Nature Challenge