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By The Loop HK Staff | October 12th, 2020
  • $801 and above
  • Central, HK Island
  • Starts : 1602892800
  • Ends : 1603152000

Culinary Delights: In celebration of International Chefs Day on October 20, all of Mott 32’s global locations – in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and Singapore – will simultaneously host a three-night “Six Hands Tasting Menu.” Despite chefs Man Sing Yee (Mott 32 Hong Kong), Alan Ji (Mott 32 Las Vegas), and Wai Keung Chan (Mott 32 Singapore) not being able to physically be in the same place – thanks COVID-19 – they’ve collaborated on a special menu that highlights the best of each destination and the diversity of Chinese cuisine. At each location, diners will be able to enjoy a series of decadent dishes such as the Signature Dim Sum trio (scallop siu mai with caviar, South Australian lobster har gao, wild mushroom vegetable spring roll); wok-fried black cod with crispy garlic and dried chili; and Singapore-style fried rice noodles with cereal prawn.

When? October 17-20, 2020

Where? All Mott 32 locations, including Standard Chartered Bank Building, 4-4A Des Voeux Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong.

How much? $850/person

How to book? Call 2855-8688, email, or book online.


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Written by The Loop HK for Maximal Concepts.