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By Yannie Chan | May 10th, 2021
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After a heartwarming Mother’s Day weekend, the month of May has more in store for you: Le French May and French Gourmay are back to celebrate everything French! Some of the Le French May events will also take place at the Central Market Revitalisation Project, set to launch later this year.

Organized by the Alliance Française to promote Hong Kong-France cultural exchanges, Le French May is back this year with many renowned artists from France and Hong Kong to highlight French music, performances, movies, design and more.

Due to the pandemic, the arts festival is featuring more local artists, including local jazz icon Patrick Lui. In a much-anticipated performance, he will be performing selected French film theme music along with guest singer Talie Monin.

Image courtesy of Le French May

Renowned theatre director Tang Shu-Wing will also adapt a contemporary comedy by French playwright Martial Courcier. Titled Larger than Life, the play serves up plenty of humor and romance in a supernatural love story between artificial intelligence and human.

Whilest undergoing the first phase of conservation and revitalization, Central Market will host part of the 29th French May Arts Festival. Look out for special mural paintings by Hong Kong-based French muralist and visual artist Elsa Jean de Dieu at the market’s entrance, as well as amazing street performances put together by the arts festival.

Image courtesy of Le French May

Of course, how can we celebrate France without mentioning its cuisine? From May 1-31, French Gourmay festival will be back to celebrate the best of French wines and gastronomy.

The line-up of events include an Alsace Wine tasting, a lesson on making Beef Burgundy and Foie Gras Parfait, a cheese and wine pairing workshop, and a French traditional gourmet market. Check out the full programme here to find an event just for you!

Le French May, May 1-June 30,
French Gourmay, May 1-30,

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