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By The Loop HK Staff | June 10th, 2021
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Plant-Based Palate-Pleaser: Asia’s first whole-plant meat brand has finally launched in Hong Kong! Made from young jackfruit, canola oil, sea salt, and natural flavors, KARANA is a delicious, sustainable pork substitute that is healthier and more environmentally-friendly than meats and other meat substitutes. Chefs and restaurants across Hong Kong are now using KARANA in a range of plant-based dishes that are sure to thrill local foodies. Find it in tacos at Elephant Grounds, in burgers at Beef & Liberty, in Chinese dishes at Emerald, Cheung Kung Koon, and Deliveroo brand HOT ‘N’ MEEN, in the Baked Samosas at Chaat, and a wealth of delicious Thai dishes at Sip Song.


When? KARANA dishes are now available at select restaurants in Hong Kong.

Where? Various retaurants.

How much? Varies.

How to book: Book through individual restaurant sites.

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Written by The Loop HK for KARANA.