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By The Loop HK Staff | September 23rd, 2020
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Utopian Visions: A stunning journey into futuristic ideas from the past, the exhibition features unseen new sculptures by French sculptor Polo Bourieau and photography by French fine art photographer Vincent Fournier.

Fournier is known for interogating themes of science, technology, and utopian fantasies in his work. For his “Brasilia” series, he traveled to the Brazilian capital, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique conception. In the 60s, the area was chosen to serve as the national capital, and built from the ground up within four years in the middle of a desert. Ideas of utopian cities at the time heavily inspired its city planning and architecture.

Photo: La Galerie Paris 1839

Part of the series “Brasilia” is included in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

When? Now through November 1, 2020

Where? La Galerie Paris 1839, G/F, 74 Hollywood Road, Central

How much? Free

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