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By Kate Springer | May 13th, 2016
  • Causeway Bay, HK Island
  • Starts : 1463788800
  • Ends : 1465084800

It’s the middle of May, so you know what that means: Le French May 2016 is in full swing, with over 120 cultural programs, events and exhibitions in the calendar. Among them is a debut appearance in Hong Kong by French visual artist Guillaume Bottazzi, who is showcasing his Wonderland exhibition from May 21-June 5, 2016, in an unusual place: the Hong Kong Central Library.

Bottazzi is known for painting his imaginative art in dozens of public spaces around the world, including Japan’s Miyanomori International Museum of Art and along the Paris La Défense open-air art space. At his first Hong Kong exhibition, Bottazzi will showcase 23 of his recent arts works, including some out-of the box pieces — think plaster-and-glue on fabric, as well as a few ginormous canvasses that stretch 3 meters by 2 meters.

Free entry. May 21-June 5, 2016. Hong Kong Central Library, 66 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay, 3150-1234.