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By Yannie Chan | November 28th, 2021
  • New Territories, Tsuen Wan
  • Starts : 1638576000
  • Ends: 1638662400

Weave Together: The Mills’ WeWeave Cultural Weekend Festival is a fun-packed weekend featuring local music, art, and cultural markets. On the first day, the beloved local singer Endy Chow will perform with upcoming band Zpecial. Hot new artists Gareth. T, Moon Tang, Manson Cheung, Jamie Zhang, and more will also be performing! On December 5, the second day, check out Yoyo Sham, Ng Lam Fung, Chanka, Jan Curious and more.

WeWeave Cultural Festival (Photo: The Mills)

Drop by the cultural and creative market featuring a variety of popular brands and online shops. These include 2ndclosetdesign, which specializes in upcycled clothing, and Youthandsss, which sells handmade fabric items. Product options range from fabric homeware to sustainable clothing and accessories, home decor, plants, handmade skincare products, coffee, tea, wine and more.

This year, The Mills has also reached out to local social enterprises to take part in the market. Rhys, for example, is a local brand creating adaptive clothing tailor-made for the elderly, the disabled, and the needy. Don’t miss the chance to help social enterprises while also taking home unique and mindfully created items.

Where? 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan

When? December 4 to 5, 2021

How much? Free!

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