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By The Loop HK Contributor | October 9th, 2022
  • Below $100
  • West Kowloon
  • Starts : October 27, 2022
  • Ends : January 15, 2023

Immerse In Monet: Creative art platform Dirty Monitor joins hands with ChillHoYeah to bring En Voyage with Claude Monet to Hong Kong, after touring New York, Barcelona, Milan, and more parts of the world. Elevating the impressionist painter’s works with unique lighting arrangement and original music, the team reimagines Monet’s art with creativity and technology and welcomes Hong Kong to an immersive experience that stimulates your different senses. Get your tickets here.

When? October 27, 2022 – January 15, 2023

Where? West Kowloon Cultural District’s Cultural Plaza (next to Xiqu Centre)

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